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Welcome from the principal & chief executive

Dear Candidate,

Thank you for your interest in the position of Assistant Principal Curriculum, Quality and Market Development or Head of Marketing and Partnerships here at The Northern College.

The Northern College is one of only four adult residential colleges in England and has a proud and distinguished history of providing educational opportunities for those individuals and communities who may have previously been disengaged and have returned to learning later in life. Much of what we offer provides a platform to engage people back into education with the aim of designing a supportive pathway to progress through our courses to ensure that everyone participating can achieve their potential.

The college offers so much more than you might expect from further education, attracting students from all over the country, with its residential accommodation, amazing location, focused student and learning support, evening library accessibility and children’s centre, studying at The Northern College is a very inclusive, impactful and memorable experience for our students.

The college offers a wide range of non-accredited provision, including Confidence Building, Community Engagement, Social Studies, English, Maths and Digital courses, accredited courses including Functional Skills and GCSEs in English and Maths, short courses at L1 and L2, with progression opportunities to our full time residential or non-residential L2 Pre-Access and L3 Access to HE programmes. We offer Teacher Education provision right up to degree level in partnership with Huddersfield University and we have a long-standing Trade Union Education offer attracting union reps from all over the country. The college works closely with a number of local authorities, voluntary sector organisations, and other stakeholders to deliver community learning and to reach out to individuals and communities engaging them and supporting them to progress within the college. 

We're very proud of our Ofsted outstanding grade from 2014, and of our year on year outstanding financial performance. Being in this strong position enables us to spend some time reviewing our strategy in readiness for the changes that the devolution of the adult education budget, which is planned for us in the 2021-2022 year, may bring. Applying the key themes of ‘Innovate, Diversify and Promote’, the college is at the starting point of this exciting next phase of development.

The governing body and entire staff team are driven by the desire to make a positive difference to the lives of individuals and the communities they live in, and it is critical that this remains at our core.

I am keen to appoint candidates that will embrace this opportunity to take the college into its next phase; an Assistant Principal who will learn from the experience and expertise of our dedicated team, whilst developing the offer, assuring the quality of our teaching, learning and assessment and promoting the college to attract new income sources and new student groups; and a Head of Marketing and Partnerships who will develop the image of the college to take us into new markets and build on our existing partnerships bringing new sources of income to the college.

I hope you are as excited as I am about the potential at The Northern College, and I look forward to receiving your application.

Yultan Mellor
Principal and Chief Executive

ABOUT Northern College

The Northern College is a residential college dedicated to the education and training of people who are without formal qualifications and are seeking to return to learning. It also offers training for those who are active in community and voluntary groups as well as in trade unions.

The college is committed to equal opportunities for all and offers an outstanding learning environment in a residential setting, with a high level of support which enables students to make maximum use of their time and the facilities available.

It has a national reputation for excellence and has been judged Outstanding by Ofsted.

The Northern College is a small college in comparison to many across the country, however it has over 4,000 student registrations a year. Students come from a range of different backgrounds, aged from 19 plus, often with families and dependants, some single parents accompanied by young children - many familiar with unemployment or part-time, low paid jobs.

What they nearly all have in common is their determination to secure education, qualifications and opportunities. They wish to take control of their lives and change them for the better. Many hope by doing this they can also help to improve the lives of those around them, by supporting their children’s learning or being more effective citizens. The college offers a curriculum that begins where students’ learning levels start, building on the experience of life and work that they bring with them, providing opportunities to acquire the new knowledge, skills and fresh understanding that are so important if people are to meet the demands made upon them.

The college's educational programmes provide a direct route from basic education through to higher education for those who want it. Whether students wish to learn something new, brush up on things they have forgotten, make a better contribution to a group or organisation to which they belong, or get a degree, the college has something for them. Most of the courses are short, intensive residential courses of 3-5 days, running both during the week and at weekends. The college also offers a one-year Access to HE qualification along with non-residential provision. The college works closely with a range of community groups and offer specially designed courses for their members; other courses are open to all. The teacher education programme specialises in social purpose education and draws many students from community partners.

The college’s mission is to ‘provide outstanding adult residential and community education for the empowerment and transformation of individuals and communities.’

The college delivers this mission through its strategic themes which are:

  • Being outstanding
  • Transforming lives
  • Celebrating and sharing
  • Securing the future
  • Increasing reach and impact

Finally, the college believe its students deserve the very best the college can provide, and as a college, the utmost must be done to secure the best for the students. As well as the magnificent buildings and surroundings, a key strength of the college is the expertise and commitment of its staff – all the staff, be they managers, tutors or support staff. They all work hard to support the welfare and success of the students. 

For further information about Northern College, please use the following links:

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Case Studies
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about the role

Assistant Principal - Curriculum, Quality & Market Development
Location: Wentworth Castle, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
Reporting to: Principal & Chief Executive
Salary: £65k - £75k, plus generous pension scheme

The Northern College is a further education provider specifically focused on furnishing adults with the opportunities to make the best of themselves, their future and their potential. The college is set on a hilltop with panoramic views of the town of Barnsley and provides residential and day courses to adults from every walk of life and every level of learning.

Following the appointment of their new Principal & Chief Executive in Autumn 2018, the college is going through a period of change, impacted by the impending devolution of the Adult Education Budget, changes in society and the desire to continue to provide quality education to adults from across the country. This is not just a local college, but a national one, attracting adults from the furthest points of the country who flock to the college because of its quality provision, committed staff team and the opportunities that are available.

As the Assistant Principal – Curriculum, Quality & Market Development you will be an integral member of the Executive Leadership Team, driving the success and sustainability for the future. You will work closely with the Executive Leadership Team to achieve this through the successful design and delivery of the annual business plan, in line with local and national priorities, market/employer requirements and the local community.

You will be an inclusive leader with the ability to engage your team, your colleagues and the wider staff team, and involve them in the journey the college has to take over the coming months. As the Inspection Nominee, you will need to be fully confident in leading and continuing to be an ‘Outstanding’ provider achieved through delivery of high-quality teaching, learning and assessment that ultimately results in positive student outcomes, destinations and staff satisfaction.

This is an exciting opportunity for you to lead the continued success of an ‘Outstanding’ college and also be part of its journey in securing the provision for the college’s future. This may be achieved through development of the commercial provision, partnerships and external income generation, although as the lead on this it will be your decision and your responsibility to make it happen.

If you would like to have an informal conversation about this opportunity, please contact our advising consultants at Peridot Partners:

Drew Richardson-Walsh
07739 364033

Closing Date: 12pm, Monday 10th June 2019


Head of Marketing & Partnerships
Location: Wentworth Castle, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
Reporting to: Assistant Principal - Curriculum, Quality & Market Development

Salary: £48k - £52k, plus generous pension scheme

As the Head of Marketing & Partnerships you will lead on the development and implementation of proactive marketing and partnership strategies to deliver improved awareness and engagement of new students, communities, employers and other stakeholders to support the successful delivery of the business plan and overall college strategic objectives including preparation for devolution and new income sources.

You will work with the Assistant Principal – Curriculum, Quality & Marketing to develop and implement a new Marketing & Partnerships strategy that will support the colleges key themes of Promote, Innovate & Diversify and take full accountability for the delivery of these with the support of your team and the curriculum.

This is an exciting time to join the college and the position of Head of Marketing & Partnerships will furnish the successful candidate with the opportunity to flourish and really demonstrate their ability to drive change, success and develop new curriculum and markets and ultimately be integral in securing the college's development for the future of its students, staff and stakeholders.

If you would like to have an informal conversation about this opportunity, please contact our advising consultants at Peridot Partners:

Sarah Szulczewski
07841 017043

Closing Date: 12pm, Monday 10th June 2019


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