Dear Candidate,

I am delighted that you are interested in the role of Chief Executive of NDTi. This is a rare opportunity to join the leadership of one of the UK’s most remarkable and respected not-for-profit organisations.

We work to promote inclusion and equality for people who are at risk of exclusion from any part of society – and who may need support to lead a full life. Our main work centres around older people and disabled children and adults, and we aim to:

  • - Shape and influence policy and public debate
  • - Support services to work differently so that they promote inclusion
  • - Support communities to be welcoming and inclusive
  • - Ensure that the voices of excluded people are heard and are central to our work

We are celebrating 25 years of achievement since we were established as the former National Development Team to work with people moving into the community from long-stay learning disability hospitals. In 2009 the former Older People’s Programme joined NDT to establish what is now the National Development Team for Inclusion and in 2011 we embarked upon a major programme around children and young people labelled as SEND.

The organisation, which is a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014, has grown steadily in size and profile over the past 10 years under our current Chief Executive, Rob Greig, who is retiring.  We now have a turnover of almost £2 million and a staff of 22 – together with a network of almost 50 associates – including many people with nationally recognised expertise in their fields.

Our base is in Bath, with a second office in Greater Manchester, but our people work across the UK and to a great extent independently. The appointee will be expected to spend a significant part of each working week in Bath, with frequent travel to London and elsewhere, and will be required to make a direct contribution to income on the ‘shopfloor’.

We are looking for someone able to build on Rob’s achievements – our medium-term goal is to raise turnover to £3 million – with the ideas and drive to explore new areas of work. We are looking also for someone who shares our excitement at what we do and our strong values base and who, critically, will approach the Chief Executive role in a collegiate way in close collaboration with senior colleagues, utilising everyone’s knowledge and expertise. We are not interested in a heroic leader.

Our reputation is high: we are well-known in government and stand at the forefront of social policy thinking and practice through our pioneering work. Our next Chief Executive will bring the energy, skills and vision to ensure that continues.

Our current Chief Executive, Rob Greig, is available for an informal chat if this would be helpful to your application. Please contact Emma Harvey at Peridot Partners (07702 678653 or emma@peridotpartners.co.uk) should you wish to have such a discussion.

Yours sincerely,

David Brindle, Chair


NDTi has been working with communities, government, health, social care and education professionals for 25 years to ensure that older people and people of all ages who have disabilities are given choice and control over their own lives.

Our organisation exists to make change happen by celebrating what’s possible, supporting changemakers and building self-determination. Our work always focuses on wider life outcomes. We want disabled and older people to enjoy the same life course and opportunities as everyone else – education, paid work, a place of their own, fulfilling personal relationships and a chance to contribute to their communities.

Our vision

At the heart of everything we do is our belief in a society where all people, regardless of age or disability, are valued and able to live the life they choose.

We believe that all people should have choice and control over their own lives, that their human rights be respected and that they are valued as equals.

Our vision is shared by our members, board, staff, associates and the people who fund or commission our work.

Our work

We promote good lives for all people in their communities by supporting changemakers, resetting expectations, tackling problems and celebrating what’s possible.  We have a unique offer in the health and social care sector that spans policy development, consultancy, training, research and evaluation.  We work to fundamentally reset expectations and trigger the important conversations needed to raise people’s aspirations.

Through working with and listening to our partners, who include self-advocacy groups, carer and family networks, we put people’s voices at the centre of everything we do. We work to ensure that people who risk being excluded have the same opportunities as everyone else. Partnership, co-creation and sharing learning are central to NDTi’s philosophy.

Our work is funded through direct commissions from national and local organisations, partnership funding and through grants from charitable trusts and other grant giving bodies.

Our core activities include:

  • Development and change management support - delivering what is effectively consultancy to organisations to help people make real local change

  • Research and evaluation - generating evidence on what works and does not work to support replication of best practice and generate new knowledge to improve understanding of complex issues

  • Personal development – development, learning and training to help individuals work in new ways, including leadership development and mentoring programmes

  • Policy influence - shaping public debate through work with government and national and local stakeholders

  • Demonstrating excellence - supporting people and organisations to show what is possible in terms of achieving better outcomes for people

  • Dissemination - through conferences, publications, social media etc., sharing our knowledge and evidence of how to achieve better outcomes for people

In addition to delivering work to meet the needs of our funders and clients, we ensure that wider lessons and impacts are shared to ensure that those for whom the work is really designed secure better life chances and outcomes from the services designed to support them.

Our portfolio of work focuses on achieving positive change through four priority areas:

Promoting equal life chances
Our work always focuses on wider life outcomes. We want to ensure that disabled and older people have the same life opportunities as their fellow citizens: paid work, a place of their choosing to live, fulfilling personal relationships and the chance to contribute to their community

Ensuring people’s voices are heard
We put people’s voices at the centre of every action we take and every change we help to make. We give disabled and older people a strong voice in all of the decisions and changes that affect their lives: from their own personal support services to wider questions of community and public policy

Rethinking service design
We promote services and support options that centre on the person rather than the process, and provide better outcomes at the same or lower cost

Changing how organisations work
We help organisations break down the barriers between services and the people they serve, empowering individual voices to articulate their own desired outcomes and putting people and communities at the centre

Our people

Our people are our greatest strength.  Our team provide decision makers with the evidence, skills, knowledge and courage to make transformational change happen.  Our Leads include nationally recognised experts in mental health, learning disability, ageing and older people and children & young people. Many of our team have lived experience of using services; many have experience of running them, whilst some have a background in academia. Most of our development team are published authors. Our team provide decision makers with the evidence, skills, knowledge and courage to make transformational change happen.

For more information please see the following links:

Annual Plan

Reports and Accounts

Organisation Chart

Staff Biographies

Trustee Biographies


Chief Executive
circa £85,000
Head office Bath, with weekly national travel (especially London)

We believe that all people should have choice and control over their own lives, and we work towards a vision of society where age and disability will make no difference to how individuals are valued.  As our new Chief Executive how would you support us to deliver this vision?

NDTi is a pioneering not for profit organisation, which has been working with disabled people and older people, communities, government and professionals for 25 years to help make this vision a reality.  We challenge the status quo, influence policy makers, generate evidence, support local change makers and show what it is possible to achieve – even in these difficult financial times.

Our work always focuses on wider life outcomes and people’s roles as equal citizens. We want older people and disabled children and adults to enjoy the same opportunities as everyone else – education, paid work, a place of their own, fulfilling personal relationships and a chance to contribute to their communities.

We have a strong reputation. Although relatively small we ‘punch above our weight’ and are at the forefront of social policy thinking and practice, being well-known in government.  It is a matter of principle that the voices of excluded people are central to our work. We support services to work differently so that they promote inclusive lives, and support communities to be welcoming and inclusive.

After 10 years, our current Chief Executive, Rob Greig, is retiring. During this time NDTi has grown substantially: in its scope, expertise, influence and income. We are now recruiting a new Chief Executive who will be able to grow our reputation as a radical thought leader and a partner organisation that can help make practical change happen. Our new Chief Executive won’t just influence people nationally and locally; your leadership will equip them to influence wider society’s attitude to inclusion. 

We are looking for a strategic leader who will work collaboratively with our highly talented staff and associate team and expert trustee board.  You will have strong organisational leadership experience and bring expertise and networks in leading edge practice around one or more of our core areas: disability (physical disabilities, learning disabilities, mental health, SEND); and ageing and older people.  With a strong reputation in your field, you will have the credibility to engage with and influence a complex range of national and local stakeholders and have the entrepreneurial skills to turn good ideas into practical initiatives that will attract funding.    

If you believe this describes you, crucially you share our values (we do not accept work that clashes with them) and are a self-starter with the vision and expertise needed to lead an organisation with a strong and respected national profile, we’d like to hear from you.

Our consultants at Peridot Partners, Emma Harvey (07702 678653 or emma@peridotpartners.co.uk and Grant Taylor (07958 690184 or grant@peridotpartners.co.uk), can be contacted for confidential conversations about the role.

Closing date for applications:  9am, Tuesday 29th May 2018




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